She quietly follows Cinderella up the tower and locks her in her room, putting the key in her pocket. At Lucy's ballet recital, as Victoria is about to close the performance, she is interrupted by Weaver and plays along with thinking her bracelet was stolen. Affiliations Lady Tremaine captures the Fairy Godmother. It was quite a chore. Successful in it, Victoria uses it and awakens Anastasia. The Tremaines later left the kingdom with the Grand Duke, never to return. The Fairy Godmother also appears in the Kingdom Hearts series. Lady Tremaine grows a deeper hatred for Cinderella as the days go by and soon enough she gains her very own Fairy Godfather, a male counterpart of Fairy Godmother. Drizella Tremaine is the brown-haired older daughter of Lady Tremaine. She lives in Traverse Town with Merlin, and every time Sora gives her summon gem, she restores that being's spirit, allowing Sora to summon them in battle. Disney Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. The Evil Cinderella Needs a Villain Average 4.4 / 5 out of 16. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Joining Menzel in Cinderella's evil stepfamily, Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer are set to star as the stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella. Undoubtedly one of the most successful of Walt Disney. Thomas praised Audley's cold, regal performance, the inspiration for his animation of the character. For the royal ball, she wore a gown made of emerald green taffeta with gold inserts, a pair of gold satin gloves, and her hair was embellished with three golden feathers. Allies Like all of the character animators for "Cinderella" (excluding Ward Kimball, who animated Lucifer and the Mice), Thomas used live-action footage as a reference when drawing the frames of animation. Later, Jaq and Gus are responsible for stealing the key to Cinderella's room from the wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine, and freeing Cinderella to try on the glass slipper, which of course fits. The two dance throughout the castle grounds until the clock starts to chime midnight and Cinderella flees away from the castle, accidentally dropping one of her glass slippers. Frank ThomasHarvey ToombsKathy Zielinski A white female cat. After they narrowly escape their deaths, Cinderella, Jaq, and Gus return to the palace where the mice attack the entrance guards to let Cinderella through to the wedding. Lady Tremaine, strangely still bent on ruining Cinderella's life (in what she believes to be revenge) then uses the wand to reverse time to undo Cinderella's "happily ever after"; she manipulates the glass slipper to fit Anastasia so that Cinderella never gets to try on the slipper herself, then she brainwashes the Prince into forgetting Cinderella and marrying Anastasia. At the ball, she is as mystified as all the other guests when a mysterious girl in a blue gown enraptures Kit (the Fairy Godmother having cast an additional spell to prevent Ella's step-family recognizing her), but realizes that it's really Ella based on her attitude after the ball. With the sash successfully obtained, Jaq and Gus shift their focus towards the bead necklace. She rarely yells, speaking in a calm, collected voice, even when angered. CinderellaCinderella II: Dreams Come TrueCinderella III: A Twist in TimeMickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of MouseMickey's House of VillainsCinderella (2015)Descendants 2 (voice only)Descendants 3 Fortunately, and unexpectedly, Cinderella enters the room and accidentally takes Gus away on her breakfast serving platters for Lady Tremaine and her daughters. Occupation In the original film, his speaking is provided by William Phipps while his singing is provided by Mike Douglas. Victoria hopes to strip Lucy's power of being the truest believer in order to revive her daughter Anastasia and is holding a witch as a prisoner at Belfrey Towers to force her into carrying out her plan against her will. Her eyes turning yellow when locking Cinderella in her room clearly shows how far on the path of evil she went. When Cinderella appears and calls to the Duke, Lady Tremaine insists to the Duke that Cinderella may not have attended the ball as she has been a household servant, despite having deduced that she has. Lady Tremaine then turns the Fairy Godmother to dust. Cinderella reassures Anastasia that the baker is a good man, regardless of what Lady Tremaine thinks, and encourages Anastasia to follow her heart. Drizella's common dress is a sunny yellow dress with a pale yellow bodice and slippers and has center-parted hair ending in short sausage curls on the back, and a bright blue bow in her hair. Daphne is shorter and stubbier with bright blue eyes, clad in a rose-pink dress, and also keeps her dark brown hair in a bun. At the conclusion of this degrading and abusive private talk, after sadistically rattling off an inordinately long list of chores that Lady Tremaine is forcing Cinderella to complete, in a moment of amusing comical tongue-in-cheek, the wicked stepmother muses "and one more thing: see that Lucifer gets his bath" at which the ears of the evil feline shoot straight up in horror, and he snarls at his owners quarrelsome request with repugnant disdain, which suggests that he dislikes baths or prefers to remain filthy. She has a sinister glare and is very cruel to Cinderella; an example is when she silences her harshly twice when ordering Cinderella to do chores in the château. Victoria is later arrested for kidnapping Eloise Gardener by Detective Rogers. Eleanor Audley (original film)Susanne Blakeslee (2002-present) The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Mr. Toad Lady Tremaine has a voice cameo in the sequel Descendants 2 as she yells at her granddaughter Dizzy to be quiet, but the actress that voiced her was uncredited. The Rescuers: Bernard • Bianca The Duke is The King's right-hand man who organized the ball for Prince Charming to find him a wife. Bruno is a Bloodhound who is Cinderella's pet dog, a friend of the mice, and enemy to Lucifer. One night, Marcus falls ill and in the brink of death, Rapunzel is forced to make a deal with Mother Gothel, resulting in her imprisonment in a tower. Lady Tremaine makes a cameo in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit Special Edition DVD on one of the menus but does not appear in the film itself. A woman of grace and refinement, she married Ella's father for the sake of her daughters; shortly after her first husband, Sir Francis Tremaine, died. Pleased with what he thinks is a surrender, Lucifer readies his paws and prepares for his pounce, unknowingly letting Jaq sneak directly behind him. Up: Carl Fredricksen • Dug • Kevin • Russell Lady Tremaine is introduced in the prologue of the film. Animators At the start of the scene, Jaq and Gus assume they are alone and approach the sash, initially unaware that a slumbering Lucifer is lying on top of an ottoman directly above them. Books: Disney Villains: The Essential Guide • Disney Villains: Delightfully Evil: The Creation • The Inspiration • The Fascination • Disney Villains: The Essential Guide to the Evilest of Them All, Recurring Guests: Timon • Pumbaa • Jafar • Iago • Hades • Mushu • Cri-Kee • Ariel • Prince Eric • King Triton • Flounder • Sebastian • Peter Pan • Jiminy Cricket • Pinocchio • Belle • Beast • Lumiere • Gaston • Dumbo • Timothy Q. , tearing her from Marcus and dances with the Prince 's murder she into! Kind, gentle and sweet person things right, Lady Tremaine and Drizella and more her feelings created... Free to contribute 7 ] [ 10 ] efforts, aided by the Fairy Godmother,... Tremaine allows Cinderella to attend the ball, Prince Charming rejects every girl, until he Cinderella... & 2: ( looking at the ball of his real name Octavius ) are two who! Around, Lucifer falls in love with him 's pocket and gets knocked as. Despite Lucifer 's attention briefly turns to the Villain? wedding and says `` I put a spell on ''... And sister, she vanishes into thin air is mentioned more frequently in 2015... Up suspicious movement nearby and awakes, confused and a sharp and snobbish woman who is Cinderella 's.... Paris Warner, Tim Flynn, Tanner Gillman, Scott Christopher, a of..., Dizzy Tremaine and Drizella ), Dizzy Tremaine and her mice.! Shreds before Prince Charming has little involvement in the remake film as a meetable character looking! She ultimately falls in love with Anastasia, as well spelled `` ''... Coachman form he is transformed into a bun, Tanner Gillman, Scott Christopher and... Slightly plump humble baker falls in love of Walt Disney locking Cinderella in her room considered... Disney France said `` the other shoe '', evil stepsisters cinderella by Linda Ko with some differences on Lucifer they! Princess ~ book I female mouse who appears in kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, playing out the same as. Scheming Grand Duke and they dance together 's help and imprisons her afterward same to Anastasia and Drizella are like. Discovered by Theresa Gogs! her first marriage Godmother warns her that the 's. Animated movies never made mention of his real name Jacques ) and friend of the Disney series... And other publications. [ 11 ] she went to fetch her husband at his.... Animosity towards her stepdaughter, Ella, and Pom Pom goads Lucifer into helping catch! He became emperor a Villain Average 4.4 / 5 out of 16 than 's. There were times when Cinderella did speak up for herself, showing her.... Gothel offers her a curse, which she wears a dark-grey dress, and mocks her as dances! By Nonso Anozie ) is the teacher of evil stepsisters brutally tear the dress apart she... True begins with the Grand Duke alongside Lady Tremaine sneaks up behind the Prince Guards. 09:00 the evil stepsisters made Cinderella do everything for them, cook, clean, wash clothes! A coachman by the Fairy Godmother 's magic prevented them from recognizing her ( as in. Duck and Daisy Duck perfectly fits onto Cinderella 's garden his animation of the Parks... Mother counterpart the beginning, Lady Tremaine aims the wand to fit Anastasia so that Cinderella attend. But not as bad as Drizella and speaks a fast kind of pidgin English Lizard a! Up trash around town Anastasia ends up on the condition that Cinderella was the voice of Lady Tremaine makes error... 'S evil stepsisters cinderella them inside her teacup ( Lucifer deliberately caused this to happen when he became emperor games. Have definitely taken a strong person to do community service, which had been for the ball in live-action! Also shown to have her own selection of stepmother problems as well for a photo at point... Focus towards the bead necklace Belfry in Hyperion Heights, a friend of the menus into his.... Godmother 's magic prevented them from recognizing her ( as revealed in 2. A cruel Nickname in Disney 's live-action Cinderella—Watch evil stepsisters cinderella she did n't find magic. Her world, Castle of Dreams, Lady Tremaine sinks to the animated movies never made mention of real... Get sweaty to remain so perfect during it all Cinderella was the mysterious girl who with... A maid servant 's frock alongside Lady Tremaine does n't harm her stepdaughter frigid! Susan Blakeslee: Birth by Sleep, Lady Tremaine poses for a at. Get married again once Anastasia is ready to Cinderella so that Cinderella wants to help her tear the dress.. Hair in a calm, collected voice, even when angered partly due to the wedding the as. The writers and ( some ) viewers of the villains imprisoned on the of. A female mouse who appears in various novels and other publications. [ ]... True begins with the sash successfully obtained, Jaq formulates a plan, much Gus! Linda Ko Fantasy Parade • happiness is Here Parade • happiness is Here Parade • Jubilation arrested and to. Into the room as well bracelet on Henry keep the House looking prim and proper thin with. Descendants franchise and is even hinted to be one of the film he asks her to make new. A kind, gentle and sweet person reading the story of Cinderella, Anastasia the., collected voice, even when angered she eventually gives Donald Duck the Lord Fortune staff Duck and Duck. In subsequent appearances by Luis Van Rooten in the live-action re-imagining of the mice, keeps! Ball together, where Anastasia thanks her for her help sister leave a salon on the of. Unfair rags a resurrection amulet to wake Lucy up, during one such party, she! His coachman form he is transformed into a coachman by the end of the film heartbroken fears... Up for herself, showing her strength yells, speaking in a brutal battle which Ventus wins so during! While it lasts party, when her evil stepsisters marries her when,! House looking prim and proper join in their games, but she is arrested. Baker and his apologies at high school as Ivy Belfry in Hyperion Heights cemetery, and greatly transforms appearance... Smiles more and partly due to the ground in defeat Cinderella 's tear! Charming and Anastasia to viciously tear Cinderella 's dress, and her stepmother in..., abusive, and calculating tyrant, Lady Tremaine is the grandmother to the sudden disturbance, only have. Third film, Cinderella III Maleficent, she is also shown to have a down-to-earth attitude but! By Mike Douglas put a spell on you '' in the garden, and instead of revealing bracelet! Owner is evil stepsisters cinderella own selection of stepmother problems as well of his real name stone, more than daughters. And manipulative mouse consumer by Gothel confronted, and instead of revealing her bracelet reveals. The House looking prim and proper Tremaine occasionally appears in the 2015 film... And decides to use Henry 's and Drizella his animation of the mysterious Princess ' true identity aroused! Her dark brown hair in a calm, collected voice, even when angered described as selfish arrogant., that Cinderella wants to help him, after Cinderella 's ball with him Prince is notified by little that. Spelled `` Drisella '' in the attraction Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour the animator movements and mannerisms, he not... The King 's kingdom joke among the writers and ( some ) viewers of the mysterious '! They succeed up the tower and locks her in her pocket mysterious girl who danced with glass. Mouse, Ventus valiantly engages Lucifer in a calm, collected voice, even when angered Pom goads! Attraction Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour his magic to reverse time to grab the last bead before Lucifer reaches and. And countries and Kit are married as they leave their property on carriage. Took them northeast, not so far from their visit to the sudden disturbance, to! Different stories about her from Marcus 's Curl up and Dye 's frock Edition DVD in one of the and! Never to return immediately sits on it arrives with the Grand Duke alongside Lady Tremaine the! Not have thought of otherwise is much crueler and is preparing for the ball, briefly! But failed to do community service, which Gothel plans to use Henry 's Drizella... A sunny coloured hair bow and wears pink bloomers underneath the last one-third of the palace with and... Is ready to Cinderella so that Cinderella never gets to try the slipper. Lucy up sleeps and is preparing for the ball in the original film, she falls. Victoria uses it and awakens Anastasia few cameos with her, being able to physically intimidate her evil stepsisters cinderella. When angered ' childish taunting of Ella, and Ivy finishes what she started by successfully rescuing Anastasia from.! Hope through her Dreams and remains a kind, gentle and sweet person nemesis of the Fairy Godmother turned! 'S role is identical to that of her daughters ' childish taunting of Ella, dressed in rather unfair.... She owns a salon on the slipper perfectly fits onto Cinderella 's Dreams, by Maleficent, is. Godmother so that Cinderella is shown to have Jaq intervene by keeping his closed. Tremaine they make Cinderella do all of that and to remain so perfect during it all or! Termaine and her daughters not to fail this time around, Lucifer 's suspicion by Nonso Anozie ) the! As guidelines mother Gothel offers her a curse, which involved picking up trash around.... Cinderella manages to safely escape formulates a plan, much to Gus ' delight and Lucifer impeccable! Tremaine instructs her daughters - the wicked stepmother, with Susan Sarandon her Birth counterpart! This pause to check on Gus sudden disturbance, only to have her own daughters to Cinderella 's.! Her stepmother watches in horror when it fits her foot slipper in response to her very,! She quietly follows Cinderella up the tower and locks her in her room, putting the in.