We have access to sites within the Brecon Beacons National Park and regularly enjoy flying high over … http://www.freefly.ie The Yorkshire Dales and surrounding areas have some of the best Paragliding sites in the UK. The pilot sits in a harness or lies supine in a coccoon-like 'speed bag' suspended below a fabric wing. Beware landing on the beach, it slopes steeply and the stones are much larger than they look from take-off. PG Easy Walk up either until you find a place you want to launch from. If you decide to paraglide at 1- and 2-seater We will now collect students from … Pilots who have not signed in personally at the London Gliding Club (LGC) are limited to a maximum altitude of 1500ft AMSL. Flying Sites Welcome to the Dales Club Site Guide. Once Club Pilot you would normally join your local club giving you # Guidelines In the event that an emergency forces a landing in the Gliding Club, pilots should land as close as possible to the edge of the field and move as quickly as possible to an area not hazardous to or at risk from LGC sailplanes, tugs or their towlines. Altitude 289m, http://www.llsclub.org.uk Paragliding Blogs Best List. # Take-off The club stresses again the recommendation that this site is only flown when an experienced local is there to advise. Experienced CP pilots may fly the site but it is strongly advised that they are with an experienced Codden pilot and have had a thorough pre flight briefing. To soar with the birds and drift among the clouds? XC’s require a north-easterly track to avoid airspace. All rights reserved. Winchester to Eastbourne. If you’ve never tried paragliding before, then the Derbyshire Tandem Paragliding … 20 Years Experience Own Private sites … The only Paragliding site in the UK flyable in every wind direction Airsports unique private paragliding site in the South at Steyning is recognised as one of the best all-round paragliding training sites in the UK where many well known paragliding and hang gliding pilots took their first steps. The Rangers’ car park at the north end of the ridge near the Pimple may be used for glider loading and unloading only. An example of this is: A deep spiral directly over other persons, but greater than 500 feet away, that, if it became unrecoverable could impact those below. 1- and 2-seater Make sure you leave the hill with sufficient height to clear the river and reach the landing field. 5. A low fee membership is available for XC pilots. Snowdonia in North Wales is absolutely fantastic but tends to be a long drive and the weather starts to dictate when to go there. Be aware of the sea air effects that can come in very quick in spring/summer months at around 12:30PM. CANP To help … Both Airsports instructors and past students have flown all over the UK in the Well, all you have to do is come and train at the most popular paragliding school in the To retrieve, drive round to front of hill to the field which is by the road next to the quarry.PG side-slope landing easy. Continue on until you come to the signpost Horswell/Broadmoor. Once licensed you can join a club giving you access to In nice light conditions Codden is amazing so don’t be put off but please have massive respect for the site. Altitude 76m, Wide open grassy takeoffs offering SW, S and SE aspects. Apart from landing approaches, flying is not allowed out over the base of the hill or the Gliding Club field at less than 500ft ATO. It’s also advisable for HG Pilots to fly with a little extra airspeed to maintain control as conditions can be rough at times in this wind strength. In Allerford turn right, sign posted Bossington. Take our word for it, selecting just 10 of the most beautiful sites for paragliding around the world is very difficult. Follow this road and continue past the Codden Hill Equestrian Centre. 1,187 views. This works worldwide by combining current weather observations and forecasts with thousands of known paragliding sites. A GUIDE TO UK PARAGLIDING SITES CLUBS In the fields to the right of the farm in front of takeoff and as near to the gates and paths as possible. We also have a site in England … For more information, please see the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy. Do you want to learn to paraglide? Well, all you have to do is come and train at the most popular paragliding … Learn to fly a Paramotor at one of the UK’s leading Paramotor Schools. Takeoff is anywhere behind the path at the front of the hill. From its head office in Leicester the BHPA supports a country-wide network of recreational clubs and registered schools, and … Welcome to ZERO GRAVITY, your Paragliding Center in Algodonales, Southern Spain. And up It is advised that 10mph meteo is the max recommended strength for PG Pilots. Reddit | Paragliding, Hang Gliding, Speed Flying/Riding, And All Free Flight. Foel Lus Parking. PGs can top land on take-off, and in the grassy areas behind as long as there is no conflict with crowding or gliders trying to launch. Paragliding Sale - Marketplace used & new paragliding equipment sale, lessons & training prices, paragliding take off sites, open day events, local guided tours & holidays. Top Landing By car, Portsmouth is just 50 minutes and Southampton 1 hour. Acro, or radical manoeuvres are strictly prohibited if you are within 500 feet of any other person, in the air or on the ground. depending where you are. Managed by the National Trust headquartered at the Chilterns Gateway Centre, parts of the Downs are designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and members are expected to respect this, be mindful of other users and to cooperate with the wardens at all times. Paragliding for sale Karpofly RS200KG Tandem Reserve Parachute May 2018 Paragliding Paramotor Hang: 215 £ | Woody Valley Velvet Airbag Medium Harness + Speed| https://www.for-sale.co.uk DSC … Pilots with less than 10 hours post CP are not permitted above 1500′ With 500+ members its one of the larger coaching and flying clubs … PG Beware of Hang Gliders launching from the cairn. They have 19 sites so if the wind changes direction you Good -100K is possible. Please check our site guides for which South Devon Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club (SDHGPC) flying sites have special requirements or are closed. DHPC members must be seen to be responsible users of the site and remember that other people have as much right to be there as we do. Paragliding sites with live weather, forecasts, webcams & photos. National Trust Site licence requires that you must be a member of DHPC and BHPA. most of this very special sport of ours we have friendly contacts all over the UK. To soar with the birds and drift among the clouds? In South Wales, we have some of the best Paragliding sites in the UK. 10. The DHPC has its own free access to the metalled car park next to the southern paraglider launch (middle launch) via a gate with a combination lock. Turn left off High Street and left again sign posted "North Hill", keep following signs to North Hill, drive along top of hill for about 3 miles until road ends at a car park (SS 910 477). # Top Landing Other paragliding in Portugal There are plenty of other sites to visit during Portugal paragliding holidays. 1. Members must stay north of the Elephant and not fly towards the Gateway hang-glider launch at or below ridge height if there is a risk of sinking out. Derbyshire Soaring Club paragliding sites guide. different sites in the UK then most clubs will charge a small daily fee. Seiser Alm, Dolomites, Italy. districts. Throughout England Wales Scotland and Ireland there are many clubs to choose from with some being affiliated to each other. 10-12mph fly with caution for PG Pilots and a good strength for HG Pilots. Visible from take-off. amassing a wealth of knowledge about different paragliding sites, clubs and the local conditions. The field next to the beach with a square "pill box" building in it. Keep plenty of speed on through the dead air. 2. So add this to your Bucket List, And if you're wanting to tandem or learn to paraglide then HG pilots should inspect before flying. membership@flynorfolk.org If you are not familiar with where to avoid please phone in advance. # PG Side-Slope Landing Site Officer - Sam Jeyes - 07875 247 389 Take off and land only in designated areas. 1- and 2-seater As a guide Ivinghoe Beacon is approximately 5km from the Downs. There are two main paths up this mountain. Airsports Paragliding, Brighton City Airport (Shoreham Airport), West Sussex, BN43 5FF, just five minutes from our main sites.and Best in Light NW, can take to NNE. Do you want to learn to paraglide? It is also recommended that any pilot who has not flown the site before regardless of ratings seeks the advice of a local experienced Codden pilot before flying the site. 1 school for Paragliding & Paramotoring training" Experience the thrill of Paragliding with tuition from multiple British Paragliding Champion and former national team captain, Dean Crosby. For those wanting to learn to Hang Gliding, Paragliding or Paramotoring the school offers what is probably the easiest and quickest solution in the UK with a track record to back it up. Welcome to the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA) website. 0800 515 544. With an awesome club vibe, experienced instructors and keen students, there is no better start to your flying career. SOME TIPS I HAVE PICKED UP OVER TIME INVOLVED IN FLYING. The SEW Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club is one of the biggest and longest established clubs in the UK. Altitude 322m, Nice flat Grassy TO. Expect rotor when the wind goes north and blows over Hurlstone Point. They include the Ochil and the Gargunnock/Fintry Hills. Also, at this stage, UK Paragliding will teach you advanced launch and landing techniques will be practised. On light wind days, please adopt a co-operative attitude to avoid causing others to bottom land. 7. Once you’ve developed confidence in the air, our instructors will give you the tools needed to find your own launch sites – as well as pointing … Bottom Landing All gliders must be certified or registered to guarantee insurance cover. Welcome to the Derbyshire Soaring Club One of the largest hang gliding and paragliding clubs in the UK, the DSC is based in the heart of the beautiful Peak District National Park. Can get strong very quickly! (Airmaps are available at the London Gliding Club) For alternative parking continue onwards on the road until you reach the signpost for Hayne/Downrew. Safety Officer - Nick Chitty - 07557 053 157 When the surface wind is southwest, the upper drift will be easterly. Paragliding Flying Experiences Experience the magic of a paragliding flying experience with the fantastic range here at Experience Days. UK Airsports is a specialist wholesale and retail distribution company representing some of the best brands in the paragliding and free flight industry. Landing in the gorse is not recommended, it may take some time to pick your glider out and the spines out of you! Pilot rated. Suitability: Hang glider Pilot rated Suitabilty: Paraglider Pilot rated At mid to high tide times there is little or NO bottom landing. PGs should land in the grassy area behind the rigging area. 1- and 2-seater There is a local Air Sea Rescue Helicopter that regularly covers this area so a CANP is mandatory. CP/(T) – Tow Hang-glider or paraglider pilots are not allowed to fly any DHPC site until they have a Hill Endorsement from a BHPA registered school. Wave has been experienced here. 1- and 2-seater Paragliding in the UK can be among the best in the world, if you intend to fly in the UK you should learn here as to learn abroad will not equip you to fly in the UK. It is recommended that you only fly this site if you are at least P Rated. http://www.longmynd.org/ regularly fly from here to the South coast, Use of airspace at the Downs for foot launched flying is legally sanctioned by a CAA Exemption Order restricting it to DHPC and BHPA members. In South Wales, we have some of the best Paragliding sites in the UK. http://dunstablehpc.co.uk/site-guides/dunstable-downs-site-guide/ From the East take A39 to Minehead straight across first roundabout, fork right at second roundabout, at T junction turn right onto High Street. The BHPA supports a network of recreational clubs and registered schools throughout the UK, and provides the infrastructure within which hang gliding and paragliding … 16. Call us now! London Gliding Club 01582 663419 From the … List your paragliding … Paragliding Map shows pilots where it's flyable on an interactive Google Map. www.dunstablehpc.co.uk Leave the area at the front clear for gliders to launch (and be dragged). 1- and 2-seater This is just a guide but should you wish to make the ParaglidingMap.com cannot safely make a decision about whether/where to fly - only an experienced and properly trained pilot can make this decision. Altitude 658m, 1- and 2-seater 0845 129 8286 past 25 years One paragliding hotspot in recent years that has been growing is the region of Wilder Kaiser. The rolling hills and open moors provide gentle slopes and unobstructed landscapes for … Also, it makes it very difficult to carry rigged HGs to the lower take-off. In the UK paragliding is a thriving sport. United Kingdom paragliding sites: White Horse, Codden Hill, Bossington Hill, Sandy Bay, Dunstable Main Launch, Aonach Mor, East Lomond, Ben Ledi, The Cair… Loading... 14,665 launches 7,706 landings … 11. Altitude 387m, A small Hill with huge XC potential. Altitude 215m, There are two commonly used take offs.The usual one is reached by walking downhill from the top of the chairlift in a Northerly direction to a small knoll with a steep NW face called Sgur Finisg-aigIn high pressure or light conditions, pilots may prefer to walk uphill and then to the right (in a general sw direction) to reach a spur with a good west facing aspect.Aonach Mor looks out over Fort William and the Great Glen. close to London - Tel 01903 879241 - info@airsports.co.uk. paragliding sites uk All the paragliding sites I’ve heard about in the UK. National Trust Site licence requires that you must be a member of DHPC and BHPA. There is no excuse for landing in the Gliding Club. This is in accordance with the Air Navigation Order, (ANO CAP 393, sec 2, page 6, March 2007). A ski resort in the winter, Andelsbuch is a typically Austrian village … In the UK the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders: lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft with no rigid primary structure. Do not leave Rigged gliders or spread-out canopies covering the two grassy areas behind the lower take-off. Dinorwig Launch … just drive to another site. If you are walking up for a fly down there are launches near the top of the ridge when following either path but good launching skills are essential. The beach has now been eroded down to bedrock and local pilots suggest "beach landing is only possible on spring tides at low water". The site is near Barnstaple. The launch area is very pilot friendly. in South Wales around the Brecon Beacon National park. Please note that the Quarry is no longer operational. 1- and 2-seater The ridge is located within the CRSA (Chiltern Ridge Soaring Area) which has a maximum altitude of 1500ft AMSL (703ft above the Trig-point). You must make the final decision to fly or not to fly! Directions & Parking Dunstable Downs is a popular location attracting families, picnickers, dog walkers, horse riders, kite flyers, sailplanes, and of course paragliders and hang-gliders. Ground handling. # Owners Chairman - Stuart Hall - 07925 347 209 Do not go back beyond the fork in the path. As part of our risk assessment, pilots must comply with the BHPA’s latest. To fly a wing that fits in a rucksack and can be carried on your back? Wind direction on the cliff face is very misleading. Keep clear of turbines. On an epic day it might be possible to pick up a thermal in the Porlock Valley and work inland but the keen XC pilot is likely to be at another site. London Gliding Club will contact Luton Airport ATC and take control of the airspace. yes that's right on an aircraft weighing around 10 kilos. The airspace is Class D. Model aircraft, SPHGs and paramotors are not permitted and no assumptions can be made that the airspace is open, when flying in from another site. To fly a wing that fits in a rucksack and can be carried on your back? 12. www.blorenge.com http://ochilspgc.org.uk/index.html **Please park with consideration to the holiday park customers. Near Cheshire. The famous skiing site is incredibly suitable for paragliding. The pay and display car parks can also be used. A work in progress to make a simple map based collaborative database of paragliding sites, clubs and pros worldwide. HG Easy We wouldn't like to bore you, all the paragliding schools will say the same thing: we have the best weather, we are located in the best place to paraglide or that we have the best team of instructors but, to be honest, it’s true! Pilots should make a good assessment of the beach landing options. 2018) Fullscreen mobile-friendly map showing all pgEarth paragliding sites, pros and clubs as you pan and zoom; Search on flying sites … It is the pilots own responsibility to seek out a coach and discuss their flight plan. Only for club members! 1- and 2-seater Any Pilot wanting to access the airspace above 1500ft AMSL up to the maximum altitude of 3500ft AMSL within the permitted area (designated “Dunstable Gliding Area 1″ in the LOA), must sign in at the London Gliding Club. We ask that both club members and non-members look through the information in this section on a regular basis to keep up-to-date with site issues and changing rules. The UK's only mountain gondola takes you to 650m above sea level. The World of Country Life has animals easily frightened by paragliders & Hawkridge Birds of Prey within the site has a public demonstration arena with free flying hawks & owls. 1- and 2-seater The Open Sites Guide on this Altitude 502m. Grid SS 584 296 Report the incident as soon as possible to the LGC control or reception. Occasional small XCs have been made, particularly on HGs. Minimum rating BHPA Pilot. Altitude 918m, Numerous places to take off. Welcome to Paragliding UK www.ParaglidingUK.co.uk Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders: lightweight, free Thermals can be very strong so take care. No camping is allowed on the site. 4. Several 200Km plus flights have been made. Axis will teach you to fly a paraglider or paramotor in the shortest time, and to the highest standards. UK flying sites Most flying sites in the UK have rules of operation, often agreed to after hard fought negotiations with the land-owners or tenant farmers. ** Your flying adventure starts here 01903 879241. Ask local HG pilots for advice. access to local sites and this can cost £20 to £55 Altitude 147m, 1- and 2-seater Airspace Briefing information sheets and maps can be found at the Gateway Centre under the weather station screen and can also be downloaded, here Scotland has with out doubt some of the best paragliding in the world but the weather can be difficult at the best of times. Leaving with minimum of 500ft above the hill is recommended to ensure you arrive with sufficient height to turn into wind. 1- and 2-seater 3. have been made here and the airspace is not busy. Join Club before flying. XC Potential The walk up is not a big distance but is steep and unrelenting. Sites Please note Batcombe is currently closed due to shooting from 31st October 2020 to 1st February 2021 Before flying any of our sites, please make contact with us and/or get a sites guide. This is a site for the more experienced as the launch is steep and landing zones are restricted and committing. NWHGPC: North Wales Hang gliding and Paragliding Club. Altitude 873m, 1- and 2-seater Any manoeuvre which, if it went wrong and could contravene the above rule, is also prohibited. CP(H) Hill – Under 10 hours can fly only after having discussed their flight plan with a DHPC Club Coach. Paragliding in the UK is always less predictable due to the changing British weather, however, once your airborne the frill of free flight is wonderful and worth the wait. 1- and 2-seater From the cairn walk west to the obvious cleared/grass areas in the gorse/heather. Wales is very accessible, with London only 3 hours away, we have had many long weekends flying The land is Private, and so this site is Members only SEWHGPGC. You can park and walk up the back side of the hill towards the gate located near the Monument. This area can be very rough all the way to the ground. 19. Mile High Paragliding are based in Sussex, and we operate at the local sites managed by the Southern Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club. There are lots of paragliding sites across the UK. On days with reasonable height gains it is possible to fly back to an area North East of the car park, following the high ground all the way back is the safest option. # Hazards Both PG & HG Pilots be aware of strong lift and sink. How do we do this? For full information please read the full site guide at https://ndhpc.co.uk/sites_guide/codden_hill_guide Once in the air, hooking into the house thermal above the forest and quarry will hoist you up over Ben Nevis, Britain's highest summit at 1344m.Both takeoffs are shown as viewpoints herehttp://streetmap.co.uk/newmap.srf?x=218885&y=776230&z=120&sv=218885,776230&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf&lm=0 To the west of London you have the Thames Valley club based around Hungerford and Marlborough, paragliders Downwind XCs are restricted by airspace when the wind is west or northwest. NT Countryside Ranger: Rose Roberts 01582 873663 (Estate Office) 07717 815170 (mobile) You will probably be asked for a £5 parking fee so please pay this without protest. Our winches have enough cable attached to launch pilots to heights of 2000ft, depending on the weather conditions. Nigel Lee & Devon Cliffs - Upper & Lower Takeoff. Ski lift in winter To retrieve from the bottom landing drive back to Minehead and take the A39 West towards Porlock. It is necessary to know a … 14. chairman@nwhgpc.org.uk Coaches (paragliding) Brian Dillon 0151 648 1646 07748 968771 pgcoach@nwhgpc.org.uk Clive Mills 07785 512222 clivekmills@hotmail.com Ian Home 01978 761235 07718 692639 secretary@nwhgpc There is also a regular train service from Portsmouth and … The westerly one starts at 57.5419°N, 5.4813°W and the easterly at 57.5529°N, 5.4511°W. Altitude 145m, https://ndhpc.co.uk/sites_guide/codden_hill_guide Descriptioncrispi airbourne gtx boots crispi airborne boots offer support and protection for paragliding and powered paragliding. Often chosen for national competitions, some of our smaller, smooth sites are envied by instructors worldwide. Col de la Forclaz (Off-season) Parking. All Pilots must be BHPA and DHPC members, helmet stickers are checked. Copyright © 2009-2020 Craig Payne. Altitude 423m, Home of the Norfolk Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club. Drive south from Barnstaple on A377. Paragliders require hills to fly from and here in South from the ferry. If you are intending to travel and fly at Codden Hill, please ensure you call the Low Flying Booking to register a CANP before 8pm the evening before.

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