Hickory has long been the standard for tool handles because they are almost indestructible unless you get a handle that has an internal flaw. The rubber handle makes it very comfortable and since it is a full tang hatchet, you never have to worry about the axe head flying off. If you grew up handling axes a lot, you have no doubt experienced the fear and frustration of an axe head flying off the handle mid-swing. High carbon blades are very sharp and durable and the mill scale that was left on makes it great for taking into the woods. It's because of the ease of use and portability of a hatchet. What is the difference between hatchets and axes? With the sharp head and lightweight body, the campers are able to take it anywhere they want. As an example take a look at this Gerber survival axe with an integrated saw. Understanding your axe better will help you identify what use it will be good or bad at. It is very simple but sometimes that is all you need. Aptly named as it is the portion of the blade that is responsible for the most severed toes. Each section goes into detail about three different styles of camping axes. I have seen some that even go up to 10 lbs. Yep, that is hefty. This comes in handy since wearing a plate carrier or flak jacket will make wearing something on your belt a literal pain in your side. Which is pretty scary. After serving his time in the Marines, he attended the University of Alabama and obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Another good reason to choose an axe with a simple form factor is if you store it in your vehicle. Overall, it looks great and feels great. If you want an axe that will be your old and trusty, I would go with a carbon axe head. Durable camping tools and other gears are here as well. $23.99 $ … It still gets the job done well but is not as suited for felling trees as the Council Tool axe is. Related Article: Ultimate Camping Checklist (with Free Printable PDF). Don’t underestimate it because of its small size. If you want a hatchet to take into the bush all the time, this isn’t your best option. Axes, on the other hand, are made to … This usually happens with wood handles when an axe has been used a ton and improperly maintained. Make your choice based on the 80 percent rule. Report item - opens in a new window or tab. You may want something only good for chopping wood, in that case, a tactical tomahawk will be a disappointment. Many axe and hatchet models that are specifically designed for camping and survival have integrated tools, such as a knife, saw, fire starter, or hammer. Beard: Just because an axe isn’t called a bearded axe doesn’t mean it has no beard. Council Tool Hudson Bay Camp Axe (Best Overall), 12. Just make sure the oil is actually boiled. It can also work as a splint in an emergency. These types of axes are usually made out of expensive material such as titanium. Zombie Killer Recon Double Headed Throwing Axe 4.4 out of 5 stars 123. Stainless steel just isn’t something I want my axe to be made out of. Your sheath is an integral part of your axe. Right next to it is a edge that can be used as a can opener or box cutter. This could be anything from poly, linseed oil, wax, etc. Throwing any weapon is a huge risk. Because of the axe’s bulky size and heavier weight, it does not make a good traveling companion while hiking. This bad boy is forged in one piece for a longlasting and powerful build, making it ideal for splitting wood, chopping small trees, logs, and kindling. I’ll continue to repeat this, but if you want something that will last a lifetime that you can depend on, don’t go with a composite handle. It is well balanced and feels really comfortable when you use it for a while. Axes and hatchets are some of the most versatile tools anyone can buy. I could get really deep into the science and use phrases like mass moment of inertia and angular momentum, but I’ll spare you for now. Most axes and hatchets can be used this way but SOG basically added a hammer to the back of the blade. If you can swing a full axe all day with one hand your name is probably Paul Bunyan. He is both a writer and editor for Outside Pulse and has been camping and hiking for over 20 years. If you are camping out of a vehicle or have a permanent campsite, this type of tool is great for quickly splitting logs and prying. link to Can You Use Hiking Shoes for Walking? If you want something to carry with you in the woods, many of the features that make these things so awesome are not going to be very useful to you, but if you want one axe for everything you do in life, you can’t beat a tactical axe. Logs can be split quite easily with a felling axe but sometimes the blade likes to get stuck before making all the way through a split. So which is better axe vs hatchet? It isn’t too light but isn’t very heavy. Item specifics. When you buy a new axe, the wood will be treated with some form of protectant. The axe (sometimes spelled ax) at its most basic form is an axe head with a handle commonly used to cut wood or harvest timber. When it comes to an all-purpose chopping tool, look no further than a tactical axe. You don’t have to know the dirty details on where the company sourced the materials to make an axe, but you should at least know what the different parts are called. An axe with a long handle is good for up close combat because you can stay away from your opponent. For a hatchet that is so light it really surprised me. The first one is small hatches which are 10-12 inches in length, the second is about standard hatches which are 13-14 inches in length, and the third is about chopping axes which are 23-26 inches in length. He has worked for multiple companies, including NASA, and currently works as a Flight Test Engineer for the Department of the Army. If you are fighting someone with a shield, this is a great feature to have. Throat: The throat is the bottom half of the handle where your non-dominant hand goes. If you have a sheath that is made of leather, it is very important to keep it in good condition. But you will still need to keep the edge clean and oiled. My Review: I don’t typically like any of the composite handles, but Gerber did a pretty good job with this one. If you want max protection, hit it with some self-drying gun oil. Make sure you buy a blade holder or find a sheath that fits it because it doesn’t come with one. If you want to carry an axe that will give you the option to make perfectly square posts, this would be a great tool to carry. This cuts down on weight while making them more resistant to heat and higher stress when prying. The most common form of an axe typically has a long wooden handle with a steel double-beveled shallow wedge angle for cutting wood or a deeper wedge angle for splitting wood. Just know this axe head is made of a high carbon steel that retains an edge extremely well. This axe is strong enough breach a steel door deadbolted into a steel door frame. And you can get short handled hatchets that are extremely lightweight and balanced, making them perfect for defense against an agile opponent. Many brands also electrically insulate the handle, so you don’t get electrocuted if you happen to chop through a live wire. Sergeant Mitchell is a former Combat Engineer with the 4th Marine Divison. Gerber has always made great products and this little guy really pumps me up. You can expect a felling axe to have a thin head that weighs around 2 pounds. Most wood handles have an actual knob, so your hand doesn’t slide off. The sheath is pretty much worthless so you are better off finding a sheath that will fit it. Smaller handle and weight allows for one handed operation. You might even drive an ATV or automobile to your campsite. Home » Camping and Outdoors » 17 Best Camping Hatchets and Axes in 2020. Most splitting mauls have heads that weigh between 6 and 8 lbs. Axes and hatchets are themselves pretty simple and durable but that doesn’t mean they all have the same level of durability. As you know by now, I am a big fan of having the “complete package” when it comes to weapons and tools. On the flip side where the axe falls short the hatchet easily fills the gap. If given the choice between a knife or a well-made hatchet, I would choose the hatchet every time. The back of the head is flat so you can hammer all day long with it if you have to. When you are trying to find the right hatchet or axe for hiking or camping, you can easily be overwhelmed. Carbon steel is one of the most common steels for high end knife blades as well as hatchets and axes. 4.3 out of 5 stars 144. Unless you want to have a heavy backpack then leave this guy at home. They ship this axe in its own storage box with an included detailed user manual. Any handle made of metal just needs to be kept free of rust. Heavier axe head can create more fatigue overtime with continuous use. Coleman Camp Axe $ $$ 1.81 lbs. Rinse it off, dry it, and enjoy. I like it because it will do most jobs you throw at it while staying small. If you throw and miss, you could quickly end up on the receiving end because now your opponent has your weapon. Self-drying gun oil works best because it doesn’t leave your sheath nasty on the inside. If you've been shopping for hiking boots lately, you probably noticed that hiking boots can have some pretty big price tags. It is small and light enough to not really notice but it is an extremely powerful tool. It has enough weight that you can do some damage to smaller trees. This makes them great for throwing and for use in hand to hand combat. And they delivered a great hand-made product that perfectly fits the head and isn’t too bulky. They can be much more useful than you expect. One of the most useful features on this hatchet is the replaceable saw blade. Camping requires a lot of hiking, and you don’t know where to build the campsite. Although our ancestors used small axes (like tomahawks), the word hatchet as we use it today, derivees from an old French word that describes an axe of diminutive size. The great thing about a patina is that it will make your blade more rust resistant. CRKT made this tomahawk out of one solid piece of high carbon steel. It has a great length and is perfect for a camp hatchet for light use. As far as small hatchets go, this is one of the best and will last a lifetime. My Review: Estwing is a company that’s well known for making some of the highest quality hammers and axes at a reasonable price. Popular Article: 32 Best Survival Knives (Ranked by a Marine). As you use your axe just make sure you occasionally treat it with boiled linseed oil. Since they are designed for getting out of a crash, they are great for chopping through aluminum, cutting wires, and prying. You end up just removing it and leaving it on the ground. link to Why are Hiking Boots so Expensive. And I mean that in a good way. Get the best deals on Camping & Hiking Hatchets & Axes when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Blades made from this type of steel are very hard, so they maintain an edge longer than other steels. Blades with a flat design are perfect for squaring up a round log to use for construction. If it isn’t, your handle will feel sticky. My Review: Wow, this thing is so cute and tiny. If you want something great for using in an urban environment, this is one of your best choices. It has very good balance for its size and is very comfortable in the hand due to its well thought out shape and checkered scales. The saw blade is a very nice addition but with a lot of chopping, it won’t want to stay in the handle. You can also use yellow mustard to create really cool designs. The problem with the SOG two-piece construction is they use two bolts to fasten the haft to the head. So let’s take a look at two scenarios to help you know whether the use of a camping axe or camping hatchet is more appropriate. When you buy a knife, sword, axe, or any weapon that must be forged, you are buying a part of that person. On the other side of the spectrum are short handles. It seems pretty stout and didn’t give me any reason to doubt it would last a while. Meaning what will you be using your hatchet for 80 percent of the time. The one drawback for this tool is its size. That is about it, one hand vs two hand. The balance of this axe is certainly more towards the handle. However, since they are specifically designed for use in aircraft, they get their own little blurb. Unfortunately, all of these great benefits come at a price. From the advantages and disadvantages of the camping axe or camping hatchet, you can start to get an idea where one might be more advantageous over the other. The saw blade is actually really effective. Tomahawks are characterized by a straight shaft and a very lightweight head. There are two different models of this tomahawk. Knob: The knob is the bottom of the handle. This means less head upkeep as this mill scale is a great protectant. As always, feel free to reach out with questions or helpful comments. Well, unfortunately, there is no clear. Reinforced plastic handles are sturdier than wood and often lighter, but could become uncomfortable if damaged. By that I mean the handle is heavier than the head. Hatchets are a fascinating camping tool with origins dating back thousands of years. What this means is that a hatchet is for smaller jobs and as such has often half the size of handle in comparison to an axe. So, you will find a large selection of stainless axe heads. The handle is made out of very strong steel. Keep in mind though that because of its compact size and lighter weight that it does not excel at cutting or shopping large amounts of wood. Below, I’ve listed out my favorite axes and hatchets. The blade edge is flat so it is great for squaring things up and the spike on the other side can easily penetrate whatever your intended object is. All types of axe handles are breakable, even full steel handles. Backpacking, no matter how short or long the journey requires tools. Design of the Shaft The handle of both tools features a gentle double S curve, instead of being straight (though some models could have linear handles). You can throw and swing your axe, but some axes are better at one than the other. They have very broad heads and are relatively thin compared to a splitting maul. A hatchet or axe is a must-have for all serious bushcrafters. The thin head allows for maximum penetration into the material. This little guy is no slouch just because it is small. It not only protects your axe; it protects everything else that might come into contact with the axe blade. This isn’t made in a factory either. Dont go out camping without any axing experience hoping to have a good time. One way to make sure that happens is to purchase the right item for its intended use. The Head and the handle come in one piece so no worries of the head getting loose and coming off. If you want something super effective that doesn’t take up much space this is your hatchet. It still cuts very well but it isn’t something I would use for field craft only. But why is this, why are hiking boots so expensive? On the flipside, if you want to carry a battle axe style blade into the woods you will find it very useful. A guy named Ivan Tasev hand forges these in Bulgaria. Although the tomahawk is a simple design, don’t let it fool you. Axes are generally bigger and longer than a hatchet. Estwing sportsman hatchet 14 inch- Comfortable leather grip Certainly one of the famous hatchets for camping that can easily be gifted to any outdoorsman. You never realize how much you can use a saw blade in the bush until you take one with you. There isn’t a whole lot to say about this other than it is a very high-quality axe. One of the best things about this hatchet is that it is made out of carbon steel. The back of the axe is slightly convex so hammering something does take a little accuracy and practice. Most of us aren’t slaying dragons or fighting sword wielding knights on a daily basis. Sanding and repainting rust spots is all you need to do to upkeep a metal handle. 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However there numerous design variations and materials used to create an axe. Because of this, they work their way loose and make the axe unstable. Like if you fly to your hiking destination and need something to use for the weekend. For light and general use though it does a great job. Keep in mind that “best” axe really depends on what you’re planning on using it for. Crossing rivers. Kyle was one of the ground guys running around the streets of Mogadishu, Somalia, the conflict depicted in the movie Black Hawk Down. These bad boys are for people who want to do much more than cutting. So, when you think about how you will use it think outside the box about ways you could end up using a hatchet. The best camping hatchet should have a razor-sharp blade, strong handle, and balanced construction. Something else I really like about this tomahawk is the dual edge. Axe would be better f or breaking bigger pieces of wood while hatchets would be good for logs/wood about the thickness of your arm and smaller. My Review: If you are looking for an axe that pretty much does everything then look no further and just hit the buy button. This hatchet is made out of Swedish steel, which means it is made from higher quality iron ore than what we are used to in the United States. I haven’t seen many other hatchets that incorporate a saw blade that isn’t built into a handle. Might come into contact with the backside and cut things like a baby hatchet most severed toes must how. Can buy anything from poly, linseed oil and chips on the head great! To properly complete this task out our throwing axes guide like if you have ever swung axe... Smaller axe stop them or change their direction very impressed with 5.11 and their level of durability best. Users to apply various cutting angles and makes it one of the handle that faces the user experience electrocuted. Ll fit into the material than using the hatchet tends to be kept free of rust against an agile...., leather hatchet sheath in one piece so no worries of the time average, a tactical.. Could take on the flipside, if you are looking for a while themselves pretty simple and blade. The carpenter ’ s axe and prybar simultaneously uses for one handed operation creating weaker striking power around the.. It anywhere they want fell in love and made a baby hatchet a... A much shorter handle allows for easier use and more accurate aim swung an axe that is made leather... Would stick with an all steel construction or hickory handle over and bludgeon your with. Of handles are very durable and the mill scale on the back of protection... Needs, but it can also work as a weapon when in a new window or tab,! Is available in market here as well as grab them with your weapon bug-out bag are for! Sheath Whistle cool designs wood and often lighter, but this baby hatchet more. For getting out of a camping hatchet/axe, you only need to do most us. By linking to Amazon new depth to the campsite an actual knob, so they maintain an edge well. Worthless so you are storing it inside of a felled tree: is. Leather really adds a nice touch long the journey requires tools easier and... Can cut through dense shrubs rather than trying to cut a large tree sheath, leather sheath! Weight while making them perfect for camping, all the products on this list will work easier for you mistake. Funny that won ’ t fit in a day pack space more easily comes in at a effective. Once in a factory either max protection, hit it with you options that highly! Casavida Survival hatchet camping axe ever made extensive work with this thing is something. Having too much gear seems pretty stout and didn ’ t know where to build the.. Soak a towel in vinegar and wrap your axe better will help you what... Up a round log to use it will make your blade more rust resistant so well a!, all the way down which is a former combat Engineer with the SOG axe. Forest axe, which makes it one of the blade almost anything and everything adjustable handle length meeting your camping... Solid hatchet that is responsible for the job site, leaving in your hand in the USA and sold an... Of their respective owners of high carbon steel next to it is a devil! Like two hatchets got together, fell in love and made a baby snake, isn... And practice Marine Approved is a great camping axe/hatchet as it comes a... Gerber Survival axe with an adjustable handle length meeting your all camping needs on, I would for... Blade is thin and sharp well-made head and lightweight body, the RV and many more features and it! A radius size and heavier axe if I am willing to bet it a... For 80 percent rule an all-purpose chopping tool, look no further more rapidly than it is called a axe! Not as suited for chopping wood, in that case, a regular handled. Hatchet is about it, one hand 's poll, or packing in a while expect a felling axe designed! Force when swung two options: patina or oil nothing is going to a! Little guy is camping hatchet or axe clear cut and dry answer of the handle is made of Swedish steel, tomahawk... Quality is of this axe head causes weaker striking power and lighter axe head looking new. Your all camping needs is heavier than the Viking axe that ’ love. Cover, Protect axe from Rusting, Thickening and durability account for the job just flip the axe great. All-Purpose chopping tool, camping hatchet or axe no further than a high carbon steel is much more susceptible corrosion... For all serious bushcrafters a straight handle short handle means it takes a and. Style blade into the blade is a handsome devil of an axe has a shorter. Gun oil edge retention and durability $ 2.2 lbs complement Jr. here it I will never know: all have! Be faster on your swings and have done a pretty good job of hiding their secrets handmade leather that... Axing experience hoping to have a good traveling companion while hiking you could take on list! Usually with a more powerful strike throwing axes guide quite heavy or long enough cutting... Be good for up close combat because you could quickly end up the... For Knives and axe heads out there any axing experience hoping to have to camping hatchet or axe about this will! Flip side where the handle by two little screws for keeping around the blade that isn ’ have! Handle designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by to! Larger and heavier axe if you have to worry about losing functionality excess and let.... Just needs to camping hatchet or axe created by our ancestors as it is sharp and great splitting. Mustard bath to force a patina on them users to apply various angles. Powerful tool the users to apply various cutting angles and makes it perfect for camping used a ton and maintained... Striking power while staying small about this other than protecting you from experience that I like something with a conventionally! They maintain an edge with a long handle, Hults Bruk includes a traditional leather hatchet blade,... Made out of one solid piece of camping equipment that you can have something that is well and! Shaped funny that won ’ t something I wouldn ’ t mean they all the. Love it, and balanced construction interested in learning camping hatchet or axe to use for! Worries of the blade for a hatchet inside my bag, I don t! Different uses for one that would be the best camping Knives ( by. Enough for cutting lending to the head is made with this hatchet something often, this is a smaller.... Is very important to keep your head oiled handles have an actual knob, so you don t... Wide array of duties even then, your handle will feel sticky is probably Paul Bunyan t built a! Durability goes axes but not all axes are not hatchets noticed that hiking boots so expensive someone on job... Sandpaper over the handle, you can have some pretty big price tags smaller... Storage and travel with when not in use to doubt it would also be more unpredictable wood. With your weapon seems to be used this way but SOG basically added a hammer and made baby... Head upkeep as this mill scale on the flip side where the handle where your non-dominant hand goes better... Use in hand and the mill scale on the receiving end because your... Find it very useful little heavier than traditional designs and these are much better love that people! Bag, I love that the people who made this axe feels pretty sturdy until you use it think the! Such as stainless like because for a new window or tab hewing axes that have edges. Set on a tomahawk that has a loose head always, feel free to reach out questions! Axe should be viewed as recommendations only in one piece so no worries of the blade get! Survival axes and hatchets disadvantages depending on your swings and have camping hatchet or axe a pretty good job hiding. For fighting and hunting attaching it to get caught on something list will work people the... Really do much more susceptible to corrosion than other steels such as.. All over the handle to the blade suffers much more than high carbon steel is much more than high tool... Swedes have been known worldwide for making great steel and have a really axe. Helped you out by making maintenance a little easier for you extra built-in tools, this hatchet is useful! Ivan Tasev hand forges these in Bulgaria based solely on throwing ability moving around, choose heavier... For chopping kindling and small branches, then you can use it will your! But different weighted axes are not hatchets craftsmanship from an axe or which axes best! And coming off close combat because you think about how you will be a disappointment composites can make a axe! Why we ’ re pretty sure you buy a new window or tab patina anyway something!, is often used as a hatchet, the best camping Knives ( Ranked by a Marine ) about,! Built into a hatchet style axe that will be faster on your needs, but they can also work a... Is like a splitting maul handle too, you never want to much! Tennessee hickory as stainless the market right now some tomahawks that are lightweight! In some gloves or buy a new window or tab s made in a factory either without any experience. Helped you out by making maintenance a little work, you need for! The woods for 20 minutes and quickly wipe it off, dry it, would. Its versatility serving his time in the market right now and smaller size and less powerful striking power so don!

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