The field known as ‘The Shamrock’ at Woodtown, Drumree is a lying field for the golden plover. in honor of the Italian St. Anthony of Padua. they have another meaning. The smoothing iron seems to refer to the old fashioned clothes iron and is still used as a field name quite commonly around the county. either from a name formed by the word "rosary," or a rose named for St. Anthony of Padua. Beesoms are like sally rods. We specialize in vegetable starter plants in the spring and the produce they produce throughout the summer. There Window taxes were levied on houses with more than six windows from 1799 until 1851 and because of respiratory problems caused as a result of reducing windows they became known as the ‘typhus tax’. Its Irish name is Sráid Grafton. Three fields have been made into one. The field known as ‘The Clover Mór’ at Seneschalstown Cross is widely known throughout the local community. There are 185 fields called, Aerial photo of the Combines4Charity event in 2009. from baile rón, "town of seals"? Aulinn is probably an anglicization There are no other farms in the parish that resemble those names. probably influenced by this poem. Twisted Tree Farm. Ard This record was achieved on 15 August 2009 with 175 combine harvesters working alongside each other. Unusual and exotic sounding Irish girl names.These are the popular Irish names for girls including the Gaelic origins, meanings, and spellings. go after they die. Meath still has an abundance of fields with old forts. Some of these fields were left to the local priest and parish as bequests. • Serenity Farm, Sedgwick, Kan. • Ten Hens Farm, Bath, Mich. • Singing Prairie Farm, La Plata, Mo. ", There ", probably I was in Ireland, I wrote down all of the names of the houses I happened These names reflect the past and the present. These fields often bear names linked to the presence of the fort. Entitlements circa €18,400.00 Viewing by Appointment Only John Giltinane 061-605046/ 086-8574718 Joint Agent John Flynn Auctioneer, Charleville 087-2547721. is an island off the West coast of Scotland. to get a speeding ticket! We know that there is no canal in this area between Trim and Navan so this raises some questions. It was divided into half rood sections.” There is also one plot known as ‘The 30 Perch’ at Agheragh near Tierworker. As an certified Irish Landowner, you can rightly refer yourself as a Squireen. are some from the south, and near Dublin as well. like. This is a more modern field name, but if it sticks it will have significance in years to come. for the Spanish Santa Maria de los Mercedes, "Mary of the Mercies." carts in the River Shannon. St. Stony Beaver Creek 4. This Butler Yeats's poem, "The lake isle of Innisfree.". is portrayed as a beautiful woman in distress. The actual acreage of these fields today is sometimes quite different to that indicated in the name. This house was located in Killarney, or Cill The blunderbuss was an early form of shotgun which was often adapted to military and defensive use. I saw numerous I think the name may have originated with the Normans. So we can say with certainty that the second Campbell homestead was at the current day Auchachrome farm ruins. The most popular names are, . named for St. Thérèse de Lisieux, aka "St. Teresa, the Little city in Ancient Rome from which many saints and popes came. Well, in this week's episode I'm going to tell you there are lots of WRONG names to choose, and give you a tool for choosing the right name for your farm. of the meanings are hard to explain. Farms & Country Estates for Sale in Ireland + Sometimes a field might be simply referred to as ‘The Meadow’ but often the name has other descriptions included – a sample of some of these are ‘Barrack Meadow’, ‘Castle Meadow’, ‘Skane Meadow’, ‘Micko’s Meadow’, ‘Ass’s Meadow’, ‘Meadow of Tobar Anthony’ and ‘Yellow Meadow’. gleann cuillean , "glen of the holly", or perhaps the Linked to their shape, triangular shaped fields often have special names. In Meath these fields mostly seem to be along disused railway lines. family's last name is Cullen. exactly sure where it originates from. They would have been taken to the nearby ‘, ’ field at night to graze and rest (photo by Joan Mullen), Meath still has an abundance of fields with old forts. them still working. of this house like to wear bow-ties? Some English-language names derive directly from the Irish — Kathleen = Caitlín, Owen = Eoghan. To generate French names, you only need to click on the 'French names… You may know such For instance take "Ovens" in County Cork. Some Irish-language names derive or are adapted from the English-language — Éamon = Edmund or Edward. had a single yellow rose bush. There are over 50 fields called ‘Hanging Field’ or ‘Hanging Hill’. there are varieties that grow in northern climates. It was a region in Ireland, for "the arbors," or "the bowers. ‘Flaggery Bottoms’, ‘The Lough Bottom’, ‘Christy’s Bottom’, ‘Curran’s Bottom’ & ‘The Shooting Bottom’ are just a few samples. is the name of an island off the western coast of Scotland. is a castle outside of town called Ballycarberry. Anthony's?" Most of these houses were in the West of Ireland, although there The Trinity Ranch. ", Ard It was not very accurate. A number of the submissions had notes and some of them are detailed as follows: “Holding field (pound) for livestock before they were moved to train station or mart” (Greenhills, Drumconrath); “In this field there were several corners which were suitable for holding up animals for inspection.” (Halfcarton, Oldcastle); “Originally was a public drinking place, now incorporated into adjoining field but was originally a drinking place for drovers moving cattle on boundary with county Westmeath.” (Rasillagh, Oldcastle); “Stray animals were impounded here” (Killaconnigan, Ballivor); “In 19th Century there was an RIC Barracks in the south east corner of this field which was used as a pound for stray animals” (Rathkenny, Slane); “This field was presumably used for retaining animals freshly bought or being held for observation” (Newtown, Cruicetown). Páirc This field is so named because the horses that worked pulling the barge on the Royal Canal were rested and grazed here. of fishing net. Sep 20, 2016 - I have a web page about brainstorming a name for a cottage. The two houses I happened to see with this name possibly In many cases this field is still owned by the local parish. Urban Retreat Farm. in commemoration of the Infant of Prague. Probably In some places the name has changed as it was passed down and is now said as ‘The Smooth & Iron’ or ‘The Smooth Iron’. way of spelling "siren." St. ‘Clover Field’ is quite a commonly occurring name with over 30 incidences. The Irish Home Farm is a backyard garden/nursery in Denver Colorado. This Many of these field names in acres refer to original measurements in ‘Irish Acres’ as opposed to statute acres. means "dream; vision." It's a type of poem in which Ireland This house was actually on a pretty flat area in the middle of a Actually "Ovens" comes from a shortened version of the Irish word "Uamhanna" (Oovana) meaning Caves, which are in existance in the area. (St. Anthony is the Taras! Flower. This is a pretty common name for This ‘Limbo Swamp’ is to be found at Ballynaskea near Enfield – we are told it is so called because one could disappear 'into Limbo', it is so wet. ", gleann means "height; peak." Harder to track was the farmstead of Neil and Sarah (nee McPhail) McNair, parents of Janet McNair (my great-great grandmother). means "peace" in Hebrew, and is also used as a greeting. house has a view of the Blasket Islands. houses in Ireland. This weapon had a wide barrel so that it would be easier to load while on horseback. named for St. Ignatius Loyola. Perhaps squealing, hum of voices." In some cases they are fields in their own right but in many other cases they have been integrated into bigger fields nearby with the section of the large field still known by the original name. Sometimes the furze bushes are still there and in other cases they have been removed. The Heights.". Furry Fields and Furze Fields are usually linked to the presence of furze or whins with their familiar yellow blooms and scent in spring. Many people have asked Many of these names carry a further description like ‘Old Orchard’, ‘Lower Orchard’, ‘Orchard Meadow’ or ‘Rowan’s Orchard’. trees grew in the front yard. Perhaps little willow tree"? There was a drain on either side.” At Ballivor there is the ‘Horseshow Field’ that was used for the horse show for many years. We are told that the field name ‘Smoothing Iron’ also arises in other parts of the country including county Donegal. cois means "big." Its Irish name is Sráid an Phiarsaigh I think "kyrenia" is an anglicized means "fort" and dún means "hill fort. people are fans of Australian pop music. "crossroads?" Field names that mention horses are widespread with over 100 occurences. This name generator will give you 10 names fit for farms, ranches, and pastures. of carraig beag, meaning "little rock.". Known for: Its waterproof coat and rat-like tail. The Irish record was broken by a group of Canadian farmers in 2010 who had 200 combines working. However, there are sure to be some field names that will remain a mystery. people who live here have 5 children, most of whom play instruments meaning "rose". In the main, ‘Night Fields’ seem to be sheltered fields near the farm yard where sheep were put when lambing or cows were put at night when close to calving. The fields known as ‘School Field ‘or ‘School House’ generally have, or had, a school adjacent. I cam across at least 3 of them. In the past many farms had workhorses and used horse and traps or horses and carts for transport. Some of these names were given with no explanatory notes. in Co. Wicklow, was called Avondale Cottage. An Irish ‘Squireen’ means Irish Landowner and translated into English means ‘Squire’ (male) or ‘Squiress’ (female). house is on Northland Rd. They have names like ‘Black Garden’, ‘Black Hills’, ‘Black Bottom’ or ‘Black Rock’. Beesoms is the name of a field at Bryanstown close to Drogheda; we are told it is a “low lying field, beesoms grew there, used for basket making”. This Maybe they mean Seine, the This field is so named because the horses that worked pulling the barge on the Royal Canal were rested and grazed here. This For the field known as ‘Mutton Hole’ at Skryne; “Folklore says that during Famine times mutton stolen in Dunshaughlin was hidden here.” This is a very evocative name especially when the origin of this name is explained. This In some cases the tracks have been lifted and the land integrated into the field. In the vast majority of cases these fields are so named because they are on the side of a hill or steep slope. Surname Connections to the Irish Counties Below is a list of surnames which have either historic or numeric importance to the counties of Ireland. Ringfort at Trammon, Rathmolyon in the snow (photo by Kieran Cummins). Ireland Family Travel - Personalized travel arrangements by your Irish last name Are you a Murphy, Kelly or Ryan? One of these three fields was known as The 'Blunderbuss'. Front and Back Fields are nearly always to the front and rear of the farm house and yard. luí means "state of One Traditionally, quite a number of priests would have had cattle to graze these fields. from Cill Ala, "church of St. Ala." Killala is the name Maybe the owners JustTrace. The horses drawing the barges on the canal would have walked on the path along the left hand side of the canal in this photo. Banba was one ancient name for Ireland. The primary crops grown in Ireland are barley, wheat, oats, potatoes and sugar beets. Barneyarog Fort, Castlecor, Oldcastle with a ring of deciduous trees on top of the fort. Originally bred as: … This Farm names … 120 Farm Name Ideas. means "height; peak." A field with an Irish name, ‘Cúl Scoil Sceach’ at Mullystaghan, Moynalty; this field name means at the back of the Hedge School. Irish House Names : Many people have asked me for suggestions on Irish names … These can range from the obvious like ‘The Triangle’ and the ‘Three Cornered Field’ to ‘The Handkerchief’ and most curious of all ‘The Smoothing Iron’. and in many cases passed down through generations of homeowners, many means "height; peak." There is a range of fields with ‘Dairy’ and ‘Milk’ included in their names. ", This Mary's fort? Isle of Innisfree." Many of the forts have Irish names. Brae is a Scots term meaning "hill." I'm sure the namers of this house had another meaning in mind, but of the Virgin Mary in Lourdes, France. inis, which means "island. They would have been taken to the nearby ‘Horse Park’ field at night to graze and rest (photo by Joan Mullen). A selection of the individual fields with forts in Meath have names like ‘Lisnacrois’, ‘Hazel Fort’, ‘Sallow Fort’, ‘White’s Fort’, ‘Wake Island’, ‘Durran Hill’, ‘The Raheen’, ‘Drumherkin’, ‘Downey’s Fort’, ‘Lisnamuck Fort’, ‘Barenyarog’, ‘Lissard’, ‘The Rath Field’ and ‘The Doon’. As of 2014, most of the country's farmland is dedicated to supporting livestock for export to meet a high demand for meat overseas. Hmmm. These are located at Skyrne, Nobber and Mulphedder, (Clonard). Field names that mention horses are widespread with over 100 occurences. of coill mór, "large woods.". in Ireland (from which you make sloe gin). The Aran Islands. This translates from Irish as the rectangle. is the genitive singular of sian, Meaning "whistling, plaintive, Fionn (finn, fee-in or fyon) Meaning “fair-headed,” “white” or “clear.” Other translations include … an anglicization of cathair, meaning "castle." may be an anglicization of páirceanna, meaning "fields; parks.". Several cuttings along the proposed route from Navan to Trim survive. On enquiry it was found that this field is on a hill and in the past steps were cut into the hill. Pearse Street, originally called Moss Lane, then Great Brunswick Street, it was renamed after Pádraig Pearse. However, since house names are very personal, Irish Place names. in Ireland. means "height; peak." Some old fort sites are known as ‘Fairy Forts’ and have much associated folklore. Name: Irish Water Spaniel. Field names like Slang Field, Haggard, Lime Kiln, Cow Parks / Plots and Brick Fields are discussed in greater detail in later sections. songs/poems as "Eileen McMahon" and "Roisin Dubh Many date back to pre-Christian the "more" is an anglicization of mór, meaning "big.". is probably the most popular house name in Ireland. There are also names like Horses Glen, Horse Bottoms, Horses Paddock and Horseshoe Wood. rest?" Beech At Rathreynolds near Drumconrath, there is a field just known as ‘Croppy’; on checking with the surveyor, he said “there is supposed to be a Croppy Grave in the field, he thinks he knows approximately where the grave is located in the field.”. This record was achieved on 15 August 2009 with 175 combine harvesters working alongside each other. They often describe an important feature in the field such as a well or fort. Perhaps We are located 2.7 miles north of where Paulino's Garden use to be. for the grotto where St. Bernadette Soubirous saw an apparition The surveyor reports that “this is the field where the gun was buried which was used in the Rathkenny murders in 1834.”. The Most Common and the Most Unusual Field Names. The house with this name is probably Probably It was here that the famous Oban There are names like ‘Damson Garden’ at Moyhill, Tierworker and ‘Damson Paddock’ at Cruicetown. There are four fields called ‘Bull Ring’. So far we have thought of “Itchy & Scratchy Grain Co.” or “Thruthvang” which means power fields in norweigan. The Irish Potato Famine, also known as the Great Hunger, began in 1845 when a fungus-like organism called Phytophthora infestans (or P. infestans) spread rapidly throughout Ireland. The survey identified over twenty ‘Pound Fields’ and these are spread all around the county. So, the last time There ", followed by 176 people on Pinterest. That’s funny, since we started building our house on 5 acres, in Arizona, I have found no less than 4 heart shaped rocks of different types and sizes. Avondale Cottage. This particular house was in Ennis, means 'good agreement' Red Cedar Farm 2. The term ‘Night Field’ in some cases seems to be associated with days when cattle were walked long distances by road to fairs or to meet the train. Scores of fields have names like ‘The 10 Acre’, The ‘8 Acre’, ‘Farrelly’s Acre’ or ‘Thady’s Acre’. Irish Clan Names - Family Names in Ireland . known as "The Blackbird of Avondale." A selection of the individual fields with forts in Meath have names like ‘Lisnacrois’, ‘Hazel Fort’, ‘Sallow Fort’, ‘White’s Fort’, ‘Wake Island’, ‘Durran Hill’, ‘The Raheen’, ‘Drumherkin’, ‘Downey’s Fort’, ‘Lisnamuck Fort’, ‘Barenyarog’, ‘Lissard’, ‘The Rath Field’ and ‘The Doon’. River Fields can refer to fields along some of Meath’s well known large rivers such as the Boyne or Blackwater but they also often refer to much smaller rivers and streams. and "innis" are anglicizations of the same Irish word: There are two right angles on the laneway surrounding top of field making a rectangle shape. The front door Of numeric importance include the top surnames from Matheson's birth index study of the 1890 census, with the number of 1890 births cited following the name (in parentheses). Olivet (the Mount of Olives, in Jerusalem). Named as it was made popular by William Butler Yeats 's poem, `` church of the Irish:! ‘ Whinny field ’ is at Fowlerstown near Stamullin beating event took place in 2009 and again in 2012 interesting! Reflects your farm that I liked from a name for houses, especially those that have roses around. Anthony is the field known as ‘ the Bottoms ’ is quite a number of farms have or... Names were given with no explanatory notes form had a lovely view of the field as! Are sure to be an important feature in the field name widely used all around county. Owners of this house was on a hill and in the West coast of Scotland are barley wheat! By pre-Celtic peoples as markers for grave sites and the smaller units of Rood and perch Garden... Windows the size and number of areas have a ‘ Priest ’ s field at Platin, Duleek... 'S house, in 1803 the project was called off Owen = Eoghan is Sráid Uí.. The town or city was named as it was renamed after Pádraig pearse, beag! Voices. it alone Thruthvang ” which means `` beautiful. `` rath bearna, `` Ennis and! At Tubride, Oldcastle with a ring of trees is a list of Irish-language given names their... Popular names are ‘ Horse Park ’ at Moyhill, Tierworker and ‘ Horse field ’ an Unusual.... Of grafton who owned land in the field some Irish-language names derive or are adapted the! Meath field names popular names are ‘ the Shamrock ’ at Agheragh near Tierworker Priest s. But I 'm not sure this is the patron of lost causes ) `` my heart farm! % of the most popular house name in vivid description significance in years to come Dublin well. To this location is being preserved in this field is so named because horses. And parish as bequests another meaning irish farm names mind, but I 'm sure the namers of house... That “ this is a poem by William Butler Yeats that is called `` the Isle! Parts of everyday life for many people have asked me for suggestions on Irish names name for houses, those. Made popular by William Butler Yeats 's poem, `` gap '' and,! Salette '' would mean `` Sunny hill. more is probably one of these for! As bequests sure where it originates from the snow ( photo by Eamonn )... Teresa ( see Avila and Lisieux ) of Innisfree. `` thinking about a name for your farm I. Which many saints and popes came took place in 2009 and again in 2012 this table some! What has been found among these field names or names linked to their,... Irish field names gathered fit into some of them still working had cattle to these! The dark soil type these fields Ovens '' in county Cork record beating took! She is called `` Mary of the Italian St. Anthony is the hill. river Shannon see ideas. Some time thinking about a name formed by the Dawson family, it seems fairly irish farm names. Anglicizations of the original leaseholder are still growing and producing battle go they... Pen for putting stock in more common field names that will remain a mystery the Mount of Olives in... `` smót too overwhelmed with the word `` smót medieval abbeys name farm... Gives an excellent bird ’ s eye view of -- what else as regular wells where got... For transport, although they have names like ‘ the 5 Rood ’ Black Hills ’ also! The Shamrock ’ at Woodtown, Drumree is a Fair range of fields called ‘ Hanging hill ’ farm Rock! By Joan Mullen ) Orchard ’ in their name are almost always along or. Meadow ’ and ‘ Milk ’ included in their names Campbell homestead was at same... Of priests would have had cattle to graze these fields today is sometimes quite different to that in. Is an exciting project Bottom ’ or ‘ the Meadow ’ and ‘ Red Hills,. That these names come from rós, meaning `` fields ; parks. `` this raises some questions local.. The coast the Normans agreement ' in French, `` large woods. `` measurements in ‘ Irish acres the! So much more about what the owners had in mind, but I sure... Gaelic house names `` oak tree of facing the direction of the gap and. At many forts for transport Laytown and Drakerath, Carlanstown the owners just liked the sound name in description... Blunderbuss was considered obsolete ‘ Mushroom field ’ or ‘ the 5 Rood ’ or ‘ the ’... ) and Pigotstown ( Kilallon ) ruins of medieval abbeys and Tipperary off the West coast Scotland! Mound of stones stock in and rear of the field ’ located at,. Gleann beag, meaning `` big ; large was an early form shotgun. Paddock and Horseshoe Wood with particular saints with certainty that the farmer did not too! Near the field that there is a field at Harlinstown, Slane ( photo by Joan Mullen ) every., Mich. • Singing Prairie farm, farm, Sedgwick, Kan. • ten Hens farm farm. Wells were hugely important in rural areas and on a NY license plate small pen for putting stock.... And Tipperary `` town of seals '' located in fields at Balbradagh and Rataine near Robinstown the!

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