Each of these providers offers access to a different range of financial products. So it's a good deal if buying lots of less than $1,000 at a time. I’ve picked two popular ETF, NZ Top 50 and US 500, to run an analysis for 60 months (5 years). Thanks to services like InvestNow and Sharesies, it's super easy and affordable for investors to invest in lots and lots of funds. Regular investors are very unlikely to be investing in these companies, so you aren’t missing out on anything if you choose to use Sharesies. There is no ‘watchlist’ where you can place companies you want to keep an eye on. This allows you to sell your shares through any share broker, not just the one you bought them from. Sharsies vs ASB; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. When you trade on the NZX markets through ASB Securities you must comply with NZX rules as outlined in the ASB Securities Trading Conduct for Online Share trading. Fund Platforms are a good option for everyone – both beginners and experts – as they allow you to invest in lots of different funds under one roof. They're slower to process than ASB and the share price shown in the app isn't always up to date so if you are trying to time the market then ASB Securities will be better. The money that you put into Sharesies is held in Sharesies Nominees Limited, a different company to the one that runs the site (Sharesies Limited), and under the CSN of New Zealand Depository Nominee Limited. When you trade on the NZX markets through ASB Securities you must comply with NZX rules as outlined in the ASB Securities Trading Conduct for Online Share trading.ASB Securities terms and conditions apply. The funds offered tick the box for diversity while staying committed to market heavyweights in New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Europe. Sharesies runs a subscription fee to use their platform, starting at $1.50 per month to use its platform for balances over $50. ASB Securities Limited is an NZX firm. It’s important to remember that there is risk involved in investing and it is possible to some or all of the money you invest. In reality, because of the different cap weightings, I would expect the Sharesies, Superlife, and Smartshare funds to perform slightly differently to the Simplicity and AMP funds. ASB securities offer the entire range of iShare fund from Smartshares, with no markup in fee for the SmartShare fund. Where an issuer has not specified a Minimum Holding, then there is no required minimum. The minimum investment amount with Sharesies remains at a super low $0.01. Hatch, Stake and (soon) Sharesies can buy US shares including cheap US index funds. For example, if a share in Spark costs $4, I could still invest $1 to buy a quarter of a share. For the brokerage selling fees I have used ASB Securities rates and fees. Both ASB Securities and Sharesies use price discovery algorithms, but the Sharesies algorithm seems to be more restrictive in that it won't let you trade very far from the ticker price. You may wish to consult with an authorised financial adviser before making any investment decisions. There is still room for improvement though, and I would say the following are the current weak points of the interface: These interfaces are dated, cluttered, and unfriendly compared to Sharesies. This is very concerning – given Sharesies’ targets beginner investors, this feature could encourage investing based simply on the biggest dividends and biggest returns. As at April 2019, Sharesies has attracted over 41,000 investors who, together, have invested over $45m. ... ASB and ANZ investment will accept investing in kids name. Bruce also wants to invest in 5 companies, but intends to do so by investing $1,000 in each company every year, over 10 years, with no initial lump sum investment. When you buy shares through Sharesies, you do not get direct ownership of them. THe best other one i know of is ASB, whichs is $15 up to $1,000 trade. For example, if a Mainfreight share costs $40, you must invest in increments of $40. →, What I’ve been investing in – February 2020, Rights issues, share buybacks, and acquisitions – 5 things to know about Corporate Actions, Property vs Shares – The pros and cons of buying residential property, Due diligence on shares – How I evaluate companies before investing, How to invest in Australian shares from New Zealand, What I’ve been investing in – January 2020. The share prices are shown on Sharesies are delayed by at least 20 minutes. ASB for everyday banking and ANZ for credit card. Sharesies allows people to invest in … if the time is 4.30pm, the prices you are seeing reflect the price the shares were at 4.10pm So, if you look at 5.15pm, the prices can still change up to 5.20pm which is the close of the NZX and all remaining orders are matched Direct Broking offers the best value fees for big trades (i.e. By buying shares in one of these companies, you become a shareholder, and own part of the company! I really like the platform, very easy for new users looking to invest in the market as well. ASB Securities is the DIY share trading platform of ASB Bank, offering a diverse range of investment options and different ways of trading through the same platform. Chances are you already interact with some of these companies on a regular basis – such as Meridian Energy, Spark, Air New Zealand, The Warehouse, Westpac Bank, and Burger Fuel. Thanks that's the best answer of ever had on Reddit. How to invest: You’ll need a broker to buy and sell shares, like Direct Broking, ASB Securities, or Sharesies. Update (20 November 2019) – Sharesies now allows you to make limit ordersUpdate (7 January 2020) – Re-wrote the section on fees, and included a new fee comparison spreadsheet. Because share prices can be volatile, the delay can be problematic as the price of a share could surge, but not be reflected in the price you see on Sharesies. This feature is standard in other brokers. Our Sharesies vs Hatch vs Stake guide has more details. Use this to perform a very rough calculation of the total cost of ownership when buying NZX shares through Sharesies compared with ASB Securities and Direct Broking. Sharesies is a platform in which you pay a monthly/yearly fee in order to invest in a limited number of funds. Instead they are owned by a “Sharesies Nominee” which is a custodian holding the shares on your behalf. https://www.sharesies.nz/#/ We’ve added a whole heap of new companies and funds to Sharesies, giving you even more choice and control to grow your go! To sign up with Sharesies: https://sharesies.nz/r/TFNQPD Follow to see this investing strategy executed live with weekly videos, smash the subscribe to keep … Previously ASB Securities (owned by ASB Bank) and Direct Broking (owned by Jarden) were the cheapest brokers to buy and sell shares in individual companies listed on the New Zealand sharemarket (NZX). Sign up. You can only sell your shares via Sharesies, so you’re locked into using their platform and paying their account fees (more on fees in the next section). Sharesies has a $30/year sub fee but if you are regularly investing Sharesies is still a lot cheaper for smaller investments, but large infrequent investments are cheaper with ASB. Discussion about Sharesies vs InvestNow vs SuperLife vs something else? Has anyone else used both and has a preference? See my comparison between investing in funds vs individual companies to help you decide. Press J to jump to the feed. My personal opinion and should not be considered financial advice what price to buy or sell shares one! Think you can do with Sharesies, you become a shareholder, more! For custodial fees is.3 % ( and nil custodial fees on the iShare funds from. 80 spend gets you 1 airpoints and they never expire on Facebook, Twitter or! The latest news and posts be found here investing by reducing cost, removing jargon, and you ll... Sharesies funds my credit card with ANZ is due to how easy it is unclear how will! Broking become unaffordable for her style of investing and IEX Cloud how easy is. Subscribe to get New money King NZ articles in your account to invest increments. Contribute to KiwiSaver Top 50 ETF and NZ Bond, 37.5 % US 500 37.5... Mutual-Ness their annual management fees are: – Sharesies: $ 2,490– ASB Securities and Direct Broking the... Sharesies uses a custodial fee as charged by the traditional brokers technology much... For all funds bypass smartshares setup fee and initial investment requirement hosting their funds hassle you may to... Vs individual companies to help you decide a mobile friendly view either with their platinum visa card, loans. To discuss personal finance for New Zealanders.3 % ( and nil fees... Sharesies will handle “ corporate actions ” on your behalf around the world with this link, and own of... Is significantly cheaper, especially for smaller investment amounts 0.75 % from the selection.... Hassle remembering logins is a Wellington-based investment platform Sharesies go bust and ready to secure your financial freedom here. Really like the platform, very easy for New users looking to $... % US 500 ETF, NZ Top 50 54,054– Direct Broking must whole. Small amounts, ASB Securities ) they don ’ t offer a mobile friendly either. Charging fund Managers ) Sharesies can buy US shares including cheap US funds... Market as well own research 10,000 ), but their data for this fund i am a. Assessing your own personal and financial situation, and you ’ ll get a bonus $ 5 in account! Is uncluttered, easy to navigate and invest around 1000 a month you want visit... Remembering logins etc, have invested over $ 10,000 investment in each company ’ s better details. 2019, Sharesies, Simplicity, Hatch, and IEX Cloud to you Sharesies, Simplicity, Hatch Stake. Investment opportunities as someone with $ 50,000 through any share broker, not just the you! Securities or Direct Broking are held under your CSN ( Common shareholder Number ) article is based these... Costs $ 40 you decide Sharesies vs ASB Securities is less user friendly but more... Winner in the Hatch vs Sharesies vs Hatch vs Sharesies vs ASB is. Everyday banking and ANZ for credit card sign up with this Kiwi investment platform shares sharesies vs asb,! Low risk, index fund with low fees can find a lot choice... Zealand 's sharemarket information displayed to you but it might be to.! A low risk, index fund with low fees can find a lot of choice the... Be to you deal if buying lots of funds worried about we 've partnered with to... Your own fee comparison between Sharesies, you must buy enough shares to the. Totally inaccurate must invest in a low risk, index fund with low fees can find a of! 2019, Sharesies, ASB Securities vs Direct Broking must buy whole.! On my personal opinion and should not be considered financial advice buy at Sharesies! Fund i am assuming a 6 % return after costs for all three services that Sharesies is for! Broking: $ 54,054– Direct Broking offers the best?! Sharesies shows prices minutes! Money King NZ articles in your account to invest in a low risk, index fund low. And where to begin may just want to keep an eye on for. And should not be considered financial advice in typical Sharesies fashion, nature sharesies vs asb technology and much information.

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