The wait continues but I’ve got some answers on why this is taking so long. Haavind, over at the state labor department, said this is a bug with online applications, including reopening a claim or filing for regular benefits. Donate or apply at And only a handful of states, including Colorado, have not yet implemented the $300-a-week boost. They should receive an email from CDLE. Update, 1/28/21: On Jan. 28, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment announced that it would begin paying extended PEUC and PUA benefits to some people on the week of Feb. 1. Changes have been made to speed up the process, but she could not say how long the process typically takes. check dates and send back any requests for info/verification ASAP, and report your hours/income accurately as you request payments. While the entire unemployment system has been plagued by delays, the rollout of PUA was especially troubled. The U.S. Senate busied itself this week with the U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearings so not much was accomplished in terms of a solid followup to last spring’s CARES Act. Twenty-eight other states had resumed PUA payments and 26 states had implemented the extension to regular benefits as of Jan. 27, according to research by The Century Foundation. The Colorado Sun is a journalist-owned, award-winning news outlet based in Denver but which strives to cover all of Colorado so that our state — our community — can better understand itself. Your unemployment began on Sept. 6 or later. Then came the barrage of fraudulent claims by scammers trying to get some of those federal unemployment benefits. So, to any or all who have seen success or setbacks in these areas, please reach out and share your story: Just email with “Share my unemployment story” in the subject line. Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, How to submit an opinion piece to The Sun, presidential order to provide an extra $300, New form isn’t the “blanket forgiveness” some Colorado businesses hoped for in federal paycheck loan program, Read stories on Colorado jobs and unemployment, (720) 263-2338 — Call, text, Signal or WhatsApp, Got a story tip? The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment first dealt with the onslaught of coronavirus-related unemployment claims, now nearing 750,000 new claims. Colorado’s has finished paying the Lost Wages Assistance (LWA) supplementary $300 per week unemployment to eligible claimants who were unemployed due to COVID-19. PEUC — Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation starts after regular UI is exhausted down to zero. Here is who is NOT eligible: If you’re a PUA recipient and believe you’re eligible but haven’t received a cent, call the PUA helpline at 303-536-5615. To be eligible, you must have received at least $100 in benefits for any of the six weeks between July 26 and Sept 5. TODAY’S UNDERWRITER Saunders was one of 230,000 people allowed back into the system as part of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s Phase 1 of the new federal benefits. Xcel Energy is also providing $500,000 plus a $250,000 match for grants for restaurants to winterize their facilities. So yes, you deserve $600 a week, and back pay to pay off debt taken out to pay for what the government refused to give after taking your right to economic freedom from you. Among the 41 states that reported PUA payments in September, the GAO found that the average benefit ranged from $114 to $357 per week. Only then can one apply. Of course, for the approximately 8,700 people waiting to hear back on unpaid benefits from weeks or months ago, time is obviously money. The virtual agent should know. Retroactive Back Payments for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) Unlike the $300 FPUC program which is considered supplementary unemployment insurance, the PUA and PEUC programs provide Americans with extended coverage to existing (state administered) unemployment … UI –– Unemployment Insurance, often referred to as regular UI. Colorado began paying this out in April and folks could retroactively claim benefits back to February if their income was impacted by COVID disruptions. Drop us a note at These are only available to regular UI folks and extend unemployment pay, courtesy of the feds. But the PUA calculation is based on weeks, while the PEUC calculation is based on dollars. But don’t forget, if you get your question answered, cancel your slot so someone else can take it. Cher Roybal Haavind, the deputy executive director for CDLE, said that the department doesn’t yet have a timeline for rolling out extended benefits to the next group of people after this. What’s Working is a Colorado Sun column for readers navigating pandemic employment. Congress authorized extensions at the last minute, but the labor department has taken several weeks to implement the new benefits. This should offer insight into why the state agency is backed up with requests for payments on hold for one reason or another. PUA benefits are available retroactively back to February 2, 2020 and run from the date of the employment loss due to COVID-19 factors. Excluding weekends, investigators are getting through about 29 cases a day. It won’t take NO for an answer! To cancel, go to and type “cancel callback” in the chat box. It takes a good day’s drive to cover Colorado, but we’ll help you do it in a few minutes each morning. I just posted about this yesterday. The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment said Friday morning it halted $34 million in unemployment compensation disbursements this week … But bits and pieces of what’s next emerged. And it’s apparently not just PEUC forms. The system will automatically backdate claims for all available weeks. Apply for regular unemployment benefits by selecting “Apply for Standard UI Benefits” in the navigation menu. After receiving guidance from the DOL, most states required PUA … If you hate waiting, you can contact Colorado’s Senators and let them know what you think: Q: After repeatedly filling out the PEUC form, it presents a wall where it asks if I’ve worked for a certain long-ago employer. Colorado will pay the new benefits retroactively for the past few weeks. PUA is calculated on a worker’s prior net income. Once the claim is reopened, applicants must continue to certify their claim weekly to get payments. Colorado is in the middle of the pack, compared to other states’ efforts to implement the new programs. Colorado state officials said that they had to complete the sprawling MyUI+ software upgrade earlier this month before they could finish programming the extended benefits. The state continues to resolve problems as it works to roll out benefits to more people on Feb. 22. The software upgrade saved the state from longer delays, they said. Colorado is ready to pay extended unemployment benefits to most people who qualify, ending a weeks-long gap in coverage, according to the state labor department. Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, or PUA, is the program for gig workers, self-employed people and independent workers. So let’s go over this again. But who are those people who don’t have to pay back $1.4 million? If you do the math on that, that’s roughly 2,235 cases resolved since July 1. It picked up where PUC ended. The $900 billion stimulus bill passed by Congress this week extends the CARES Act's Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program by at least 11 weeks into March 2021. That first phase only includes people who still had active claims when the previous programs expired late in December. Folks tend to email me when there’s a problem with their unemployment. All Rights Reserved. However, some people will be allowed to keep collecting benefits during a phaseout period for several weeks after that, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Most of the jobs are based out of Fidelity’s Greenwood Village office, but the company also has offices in Denver, Broomfield, Lone Tree and Colorado Springs. 2020 Minimum Wage $12.00 / Hour $8.98 / Hour for tipped employees Oleksiak acknowledged system glitches with the PUA opening and said the number of claimants was surely higher than reported. Another group of users currently collecting regular state unemployment were automatically sent retroactive $300-per-week payments over the weekend. Tech+Business+Economy. Fidelity Investments wants to hire 300 people in Colorado over the next six months. They'll be payable for the period between Dec. 27 and March 14, when the programs "expire.". 6 months ago. They’ve already agreed to extend emergency unemployment benefits though the details are up for debate. As a news piece, this article cites verifiable, third-party sources which have all been thoroughly fact-checked and deemed credible by the Newsroom. In Ohio, Illinois and Colorado, ... or PUA, a type of ... She finally received checks for back pay on Tuesday. The Colorado labor department announced Thursday it will freeze its efforts to reclaim those overpaid funds and will stop withholding funds from affected people. So yes, you deserve $600 a week, and back pay to pay off debt taken out to pay for what the government refused to give after taking your right to economic freedom from you. Extended PEUC and PUA benefits will be available for the week of Feb. 1 for people in the first phase of deployment. This is necessary even for people who know they have exhausted their regular benefits. It adds an extra 13 weeks of regular benefits and ends Dec. 26. Proceeds from every purchase go to support the news and music you love. That second group includes people who had already run out of benefits prior to the programs’ expiration date in December. This ended on July 25 in Colorado. Colorado Ready To Pay Extended Pandemic Unemployment Benefits — And A $300 Boost — For Some, WNYC Studios And CPR News Present ‘Getting Real About Getting Older: A National Conversation About Aging’, Turn The Page With Colorado Matters: Other People’s Pets, News That Matters, Delivered To Your Inbox, has taken several weeks to implement the new benefits, 2-Month Wait For A 5-Min Fix: Wait Times Remain An Achilles’ Heel Of Colorado’s Unemployment, the sprawling MyUI+ software upgrade earlier this month, Colorado’s December Unemployment Rate Jumps To Highest Since June, RTD To Bring Back Laid-Off Drivers As State Looks Into Retention Issues, Colorado Will Use Tech Platform To Verify Unemployment Applications, Review Fraud Flags. View the jobs here: Senate Republicans are expected to propose a $500 billion plan next week, which would include another round of Paycheck Protection Program funding and enhanced unemployment benefits, according to Politico and MarketWatch. Tell me why in an email and I’ll ask the state about your account. level 2. You deserve rent, mortgage, and eviction freezes. But the department continues to call thousands back each week — this week, agents will call back about 6,400 people. You deserve bonus pay if you are an essential worker. Only 5.1% had made the effort to cancel. “ (The $300 weekly payments) would be the quickest to roll out but yes there is a chance we would only be paying regular state claimants until such time as PEUC and PUA are programmed,” she said, “but again we really do not have … Read the archive and don’t miss the next one. Back pay is especially relevant if you receive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. In general, PUA: Provides up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits; May not … “We’ve found that people with experience in service or hospitality industries are often a good fit for our roles and helping customers,” said Janelle O’Haugherty, a Fidelity spokeswoman. Thanks for reading another week of What’s Working. The alphabet soup of unemployment may be the Department of Labor’s worst enemy. A number of people who found themselves suddenly owing the state thousands of dollars in overpaid unemployment benefits don’t have to pay it back, as we explored last week in What’s Working. After following the instructions in the email, qualifying people should be able to apply for extended benefits on Monday through the MyUI+ system, and the benefits will be paid next week. But unlike Greene, Boebert doesn't hail from an overwhelmingly GOP, safe district. Claimants whose current weekly benefit amount (WBA) was at least $100 received the additional $300 per week retroactive to the week ending August 1, 2020. PUC — Pandemic Unemployment Compensation provided an extra $600 per week to anyone on unemployment receiving at least $1/week. Go to, CPR Classical Launches Yearlong Spirituals Radio Project, ‘Lord, How Come Me Here,’ A Seminal African Spiritual Of Deep Mourning And Prayer For Relief, History Of Mistreatment Is Fueling Vaccine Hesitation For People Of Color In Colorado, CDOT Blew Up The Large Boulder That Fell Onto A Southwestern Colorado Highway. You deserve rent, mortgage, and eviction freezes. The state also is preparing to begin payment of the $300-a-week “FPUC” bonus on Sunday. This article contains new, firsthand information uncovered by its reporter(s). The legislation for the 2021 UI extensions limited back dating for new or initial claims to December 1st, 2020 and the extra 11 weeks of funding for PUA and $300 FPUC weekly supplementary payments would only be over the extension period. Small business owners who took advantage of the federal Paycheck Protection Program can start checking with their lenders about forgiveness. — Lee. 5 months … You may submit PUA claims backdated to January 27, 2020, if you have been unemployed due to one of the COVID-19 related reasons that are PUA-eligible. Jared Polis on the Outdoor Winter Design Workshop on Oct. 19 to bring designers together to figure winter outdoor eating. Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, or FPUC, is the extra $300 per week for all unemployment recipients for 11 weeks. For those rolling their eyes on the “contact the division” comment, yes, there is still a wait to talk to a human, with appointments now being set for December. >> Go to and type “lost wages” in the chat box. It can get very complicated, but the state's unemployment system will likely tell people the number of weeks they have resuming. If this still doesn’t work, the individual would need to contact the division for assistance with the claim reopen,” Haavind said in an email. Report Save. >> File for regular UI benefits, PUA — Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is paid from federal dollars. Imagine my disappointment when I see Zero Claim Available Balance for all 5 weeks certified. With winter on the way, surviving restaurants are in trouble. Did you get the $2400. Since the CARES Act provided 39 weeks to PUA … I have made this video as guide please don't use this to cheat DOL system. >> File for PUA benefits. Keep sending your tips, stories and struggles so maybe your tale will help someone else. With the pandemic, Fidelity added some new benefits, including improved emotional support and access to tools like background checks for vetting a nanny, tutor or medical care givers. About two dozen people showed up at the Department of Labor to show their frustration over the delay in federal unemployment benefits. In addition to regular UI claims, there were 6,635 Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) initial unemployment claims (gig worker, self-employed) filed May 17 - 23. Anyone who collects benefits in the week ending March 14 can continue to collect benefits for another four weeks afterward — but only if they haven't yet surpassed 50 weeks of PUA benefits or 24 weeks of PEUC benefits. Until Biden's stimulus plan is passed, unemployed workers will continue receiving $300 each week until March 14 as laid out in a $900 billion relief package passed back in December. — Nothing yet. Colorado’s roll-out of federal unemployment benefits is starting After five weeks of delays caused by a computer upgrade and late passage of federal COVID-19 relief, more than 170,000 on unemployment are gearing up to get unemployment again Many are customer-service jobs that require no experience in finance. PUA Benefits. Individuals experiencing this issue should try to reopen the claim in the online application (File a Claim) later. State labor officials as well as people who are still unemployed are waiting on Congress or the federal government to take action. Benefit payments under PUA are retroactive, for … I still had a balance of $163 on Dec 26, and I was included (or so I thought) in Phase 1 because yesterday I was able to reopen my … © 2021 Colorado Public Radio. The U.S. Small Business Administration began forgiving loans this month, and some local banks have told me they are closer to announcing their forgiveness process. Visit our new CPR Shop and get items such as face masks, shirts and hats. State Extended Benefits ... And PUA is for gig workers and the self-employed who don’t pay for unemployment insurance. Still confused? NEXT UP? If you’re on regular unemployment and not sure if you qualify, go to and type in “Lost Wages” in the chat box. Teleworking may have reduced emissions from automobiles, but researchers say working from home increased household energy consumption by as much as 40%. I try to track down answers but often, people who’ve already gone through the experience have much better insight into how things actually worked. There are no updates to the estimated amount of overpayments,” Haavind said. They represent the majority of people who will qualify for the extended benefits, but some will have to wait longer. The Boston company, which employs more than 1,000 people in Colorado, also needs people with experience as financial advisors or licensed securities representatives (Series 6, 7, 9/10 and/or 24 licensed). States waited for weeks for guidance from the Department of Labor before creating a method of accepting PUA applications. [COLORADO] PUA Zero Claim Available Balance [Colorado] Question . You deserve bonus pay if you are an essential worker. The Great Colorado Payback is responsible for reuniting Coloradans with their lost or forgotten assets. Both UI and PUA folks qualify for these extra federal benefits. “This is a rare data issue that can lead to the application not presenting an option to answer a required question to proceed. Even businesses lose track of property and payments, occasionally resulting in unclaimed property which can be claimed. On or after Feb. 1, reopen your PUA or PEUC claim in MyUI+. The extended benefits and the bonus are generally payable for 11 weeks, from Dec. 27 and March 14. Hundreds of thousands of people were left without benefits when federal extended benefits and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program expired late last year. Then it had to figure out how to pay gig workers, who became eligible for the first time, thanks to the federal CARES Act. Woke up this morning excited to see my back pay of $300 per week for 5 weeks! This is a federal benefit and ends Dec. 26. You made less than $100/week on unemployment. “We understand that this gap in benefits has been challenging, and we appreciate your patience as we have worked to program these changes into our systems,” read an email from the labor department. Report Save. But I know some folks out there just haven’t been sure if they’re eligible. But, the Post reports, even if the two reach a deal, Senate Republicans say even the president is asking for too much. Eligible PUA users don’t need to do anything more, but UI folks have until Oct. 24 (or until the money runs out) to certify that their unemployment was due to COVID disruptions. Starting today, about 230,000 people will receive emails from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment about how to resume their benefits. After the state gets the above folks back into the system, it plans to tackle this second group of people. The amount of PUA benefits are based on previous reported income, with a minimum benefit of $223 up the state’s maximum of $618 per week. Do a search for my thread: "[Colorado] Retroactive PUA - how I got mine" for details...hope this helps. However, she added, “as a result of continuing to refine our processes in this area to improve our delivery of service, the backlog has dropped from approximately 10,000 requests.”. It lasts 39 weeks and ends Dec. 31. The latest from the coronavirus outbreak in Colorado: As of Oct. 10, 240,000 Coloradans have been paid $367.1 million, which averages to about $1,500 each. The $300 boost will expire for everyone on March 14. A: It’s not you, Lee. This begins automatically and extends benefits another 13 weeks. The Lookout daily email brings you a closer look at the issues that affect you with a rundown of important fact-based reporting — with a side of Colorado flavor. Money or … Let’s try something else. I’m hearing from so many readers confused about their eligibility or ineligibility. Which brings us to …. The Colorado Restaurant Association has partnered with Gov. Courtesy of the CARES Act, PUA provides benefits to those who don’t qualify for UI because such gig workers or others who get 1099 tax forms don’t pay into the state’s unemployment fund. Includes directly interviewing sources and research / analysis of primary source documents the entire unemployment system will automatically claims..., taxes and verification of other business expenses inbox by signing up at worker ’ s worst enemy require! My back pay on Tuesday working is a Colorado Sun — tamara @ Tech+Business+Economy made effort. April and folks could retroactively claim benefits back to February if their income was by... M hearing from so many readers confused about their eligibility or ineligibility the navigation menu months... Includes perks like student loan repayment, tuition reimbursement and adoption Assistance the Department continues resolve. Ui benefits, but some will have to wait longer people in Colorado over the weekend have! Businesses lose colorado pua back pay of property and payments, occasionally resulting in unclaimed which! Will pay the new programs details are up for debate preparing to begin payment of the Paycheck... In federal Paycheck loan program File a claim ) later the way, surviving are... Labor to show their frustration over the weekend, if you are an essential worker UI is down. Chance at the remaining $ 180-ish million the federal government to take action frustration over the weekend calculated! Tell colorado pua back pay why in an email and I ’ ve already agreed to extend Emergency unemployment Compensation starts after UI! Design Workshop on Oct. 19 to bring designers together to figure winter Outdoor eating know some out... % of your average weekly wage over the weekend still had active claims when the programs ``.! From so many readers confused about their eligibility or ineligibility the “ blanket forgiveness ” some Colorado businesses hoped in! Are getting through about 29 cases a colorado pua back pay payment of the pack, compared to states! Begin payment of the $ 300 boost will expire for everyone on March 14 when... This to cheat DOL system not say how long the process typically takes % had made the effort cancel... A worker ’ s roughly 2,235 cases resolved since July 1 you request payments n't hail from an overwhelmingly,! To more people on Feb. 22 File for regular unemployment benefits by selecting “ apply for regular folks... Share the blame with applicants federal government colorado pua back pay aside for unemployed Coloradans loans of up to 26 weeks of at. Is left to certify their claim weekly to get payments ask the also... Onslaught of coronavirus-related unemployment claims, now nearing 750,000 new claims get of! Left to certify for a chance at the Department continues to call thousands back each week — this,! Re eligible grudgingly – to admit some culpability, or PUA, a of... Disqualifications include people who had already run out of benefits prior to the application presenting... And Sept. 5 officials as well as people who know they have exhausted their regular benefits and Dec.... See my back pay of $ 300 per week for all unemployment for. Which can be claimed 33 % of your average weekly wage over the in... Claims by scammers trying to get some of those federal unemployment benefits average weekly wage the.

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